Autumn Exists Here

I have been baking up a storm as often as I can, but I keep putting off offloading the pictures from the camera so I can put them up here. Ultimate laziness!

But I’ve been wanting to post, and yesterday gave me the perfect excuse to. Mikal and I were walking out to a pet food store to get Ginger more noms; it was late in the day, still a bit sunny, but chilly in the shadows. Mikal has a habit of kicking leaves on the sidewalk when they are in large enough quantities, and the path there obliged us with that a few times. The leaves made a nice crisp-crunchy sound and went flying, or just skittered out of the way. I realized at some point, as I had realized a few times since coming down to the Bay Area, that this suits us – there are actual seasons here. In Olympia, even if we did get a somewhat crisp fallish time of year, the leaves might be dry for a day or two before we would get enough rain to make kicking them much too unpleasant for my taste (not that this discouraged Mikal from doing so). We’ve had a few rainy/cloudy days, and it is getting chillier, but it feels like we’re getting a real autumn season. Perhaps it is because I grew up on the Bay Area and this is what I am used to for the progression of the seasons, but it felt like we had about two, perhaps two and a half seasons in Olympia: winter, which might last 50-75% of the year, the occasional spring, and summer, which would never last long enough. It just never felt like the year progressed quite right.

The weather is different here. I like it.

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