Revisiting Pumpkin Scones

The pumpkin scones I made a week ago were such a hit at the office that I couldn’t pass up an excuse to make them again. I won’t rehash the whole recipe, but this time I added a quarter cup flour to the mix right off the bat to prevent the stickiness. I have a feeling that I would take it down to 1/8th cup next time, because they didn’t turn out terribly dry, but they seemed dryer than I was expecting given the first batch. The dough was much easier to work with time, though it did eventually get to being sticky again once all flour was worked in. At least I was able to pick up the wedges without a spatula to get them on the baking sheet this time.

Also: picture!

Also, just so you know… I’m getting totally addicted to pinterest. I have been on it for the last couple of weeks getting ideas for various holiday items/decor/sendables I could make. The ribbons on the plate was a pinterest inspiration. I have a problem with giving away goodies on plates, and keep having to chase the plates down. This is a great alternative – disposable, but has a little interest with the ribbons. Makes it not seem so much like a paper plate. I do need to invest in smaller plates, though, so that I don’t have to give away whole big platters of things.

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