The whirlwind of moving and peaches

For whatever reason, I tend to forget just how crazy it is to move while one is working full-time. It’s seriously crazy. Mikal has been handling most of the rest of the house while I focus on the kitchen and bathrooms, since those are both easy and necessary. Well, relatively easy? This is a slightly different arrangement, but my new kitchen looks a little something like this, except with a cherry finish:

the kitchen

Compared to our old kitchen, this is a whole crap-ton of space. Even so… it’s not enough XD. I should qualify that, actually: in our previous apartment, there had been so little storage space that we had created an 8-foot pantry along our dining room wall. This unit doesn’t quite have the space for that, and almost doesn’t need it. Unfortunately, I have a lot of kitchen items. I mean, I kind of knew I did, but it’s becoming apparent just how many kitchen items I have that I actually do use at least once a year. I have two-ish boxes still unpacked, mostly full of kitchen odds and ends. Part of what’s keeping that unpacked is the fact that we are still trying to figure out how best to arrange and organize what we have. We have a couple of little organizy creations in the works to help with that, but between me working full-time and Mikal still working on school stuff, it’s a bit hard to find a chunk of time to dedicate to it while I have the energy.

Part of the chunk-of-time-while-have-energy thing is the fact that we live in CALIFORNIA D: The sun and warm outside are amazingly distracting. I meant to make a peach galette this last Monday since I had the day off, but instead I walked 13 miles, not really meaning to, but not regretting it. Little things like that keep popping up, or we will need to stock up on foods or supplies, and we end up walking because it’s amazing out, so it takes a good deal longer than it normally might with a car. I’m hoping to take a chunk of time off from work in the next couple of months so that I can take Mikal and go explore and hike places I’ve been wanting to show him that I haven’t gotten a chance to do yet. Of course, it would take a week or two to show him everything I want, but I’ll have to do the condensed version. I remember going up to Tilden Park in the Berkeley hills on the weekends and just hiking and picnicking with my moms and the dogs all day. That’s the sort of thing I want to share with him. And I found out that the Napa Valley is just a couple of hours north of here, so I’m anxious to go up and see stuff, possibly go on a tour of the Culinary Institute campus :3

But that’s all for later. Right now, I have been baking at odd moments, and not really following through with chronicling it here. Since we moved in, I have made cinnamon rolls (AMAZING), beignets (stuffed was weird), peach galette, zucchini muffins, and a dessert item I am actually forgetting. I know I meant to make a strawberry pie, but I can’t remember for the life of me what that was. I apparently need way more coffee than what I’ve had @_@

I will eventually make some of these things again, and put them in here because a few of them are too good to pass up. Luckily, in the meantime I have a wonderful new friend who has been bringing me zucchini and beans (purple! purple beans!) and peaches and pears… I will surely have enough fodder for more recipes. Plus, my work schedule is such that Thursday we start an hour later than the rest of the week, so I have dubbed it my day to bring in breakfast XD Totally just an excuse to bake. This morning it’s Dutch Baby with Spiced Peaches, which I will actually be writing about later this morning. And this weekend we are having a Firefly marathon with my coworkers, and we’ve managed to have a mexican-food theme going so far, and I’m slated to bring the 7-layer dip and I’ll be making tres leches cake. It’s going to be amazing!

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