Update on Christmas Confections Part III

I have attempted a third batch of apple cider caramels, this time taking some advice from this site. This is where I got the information for increasing the temperature of the initial syrup heating to 300°F. It also told me not to stir it. I was very concerned about that, as I was convinced it would explode in a ball of burnt sads.

So far, it hasn’t. It is currently sitting in its pan, chilling out on the counter. I am letting it cool as much as possible before covering it with plastic wrap for the night. I’m hoping that it sets to a nice consistency, but that it isn’t too hard. That was my main worry.

We will see. I will likely issue another small update, either a hey-lookie-I-have-awesome-caramels dance or a there-will-be-a-fourth-trial /sigh.

UPDATE: This batch didn’t turn out at all. I attempted to use the same recipe I had been using because it tasted so good, but there were a couple of differences in method beyond the temperature thing. First of all, the second recipe has you save all your cream to add at once, rather than putting 1/3c in the sugar syrup; additionally, it has you melt the butter in the cream so that it can be added all together gradually, as it does bubble up. I will do a bit more research on it, perhaps try the second recipe and see if that works. I checked the CIA version, and it uses sweetened condensed milk rather than whipping cream, and it adds everything at once and uses similar temperatures to the initial recipe, so I don’t know if they will come out too soft again. Will have to look and see.

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