Wait, it’s December WHAT?!

That’s pretty much been my reaction since…. about a week before Thanksgiving. I totally thought I had another two weeks to get ready for everything, including Mikal’s dad coming down for the week. Three days before Mikal’s dad was due to arrive, I was speaking with a client and they said something about Thanksgiving being the following week. I said, “You mean in two weeks then, right?” and they agreed with me, and then we both looked at the calendar to verify and I ended up having a mild panic attack in front of my boss. It was quite amusing, really.

Between that sense of not really knowing what day it is, and the complete lack of “slow” season in the office, I’ve been stumbling through the last three weeks or so just trying to get my bearings. I don’t think I’ve ever had the holidays sneak up on me, so to speak, but I understand what that phrase means, now.

In the mean time, I have still been baking, though not as frequently as I may like. I made my first Baked Alaska by request, and it didn’t turn out totally horrible. It had a great taste, even if it looked more like a rendition of Global Warming Alaska. I’ll post that on here at some point – it’s an awesome recipe.

Additionally, I have been plotting out my gift boxes. Last year I started a somewhat-tradition of sending boxes of baked goods to people I wouldn’t see over the holidays. The days and my timing got away from me last year – two weekends before Christmas I pulled a bakathon over the course of two days so that I could everything sent out on time. It was after twenty hours of baking and decorating, and feeling amazingly exhilarated, that I realized that this baking thing is pretty amazing. It is actually from that realization and moment that this blog was born, as a way to keep me baking and thinking about what I do. Holy buttons, it’s been a year, or close enough to one. I kind of have to process that.

More posts to come, specifically around the goodie boxes.

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