Way too much happening!

It has been a busy and exciting few weeks. I had an awesome interview with a company down in California, and I’ll be starting a new job three weeks from today. Totally mind-blowing! There is SUN in California c_c Real sun, not this sad imitation we get up here in western WA.

This is the reason I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks. I have done a slight bit of baking – I tried out a couple of banana bread recipes I had to remind myself which I actually liked – but nothing to really talk about. I do have over a gallon of banana mush that I need to do stuff with, so I will be posting a banana bread/muffin recipe here soonish. Also, Mikal’s birthday is next week, so I’ll probably post pictures of that and any interesting things I discover.

That is the news for the moment. Crazy moving packing crazy figuring-out-living craziness.

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